I Love Chad Suicide (Charlottle Herbert) and You Should Too

Chad Suicide/ Charlotte Herbert/ CharlottleDrawsStuff (Suicide Girls, Tripodski, Elite Magazine, Front Magazine and more)

My personal favorite famous style person is Charlotte Herbert. I bought her t-shirt, she sent me some mini prints, I also drew her once (I want to do a better one soon). Here’s my opinion on the subject..

5 Reasons Why:

- She is British and has a sexy voice (despite what she thinks). If you can find a video she speaks in you can find out.

- She “draws stuff” and is a wicked artist. Go follow her art accounts (listed below). She is now into making cool shit like Thor’s helmet and other items I can’t wait to see in pictures with her.

- She’s a fan girl nerd! She loves Thor, Harry Potter, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Hobbit, all the good stuff. She’s obviously a cool person.

- She has this elegant smile but at the same time is also so so cute. Ranges from Adorable to heart racingly sexy all at once lol. 

- With a perfect big bum (check her out on Vine) and just amazing, amazing boobies, beautiful, long, thick, red hair, freckles from head to toe. She has the body of a woman you designed yourself given three wishes.

BONUS REASON: She has no problem telling you to fuck off if you’re an asshole and it is awesome. Read her posts or comments.

…if you don’t agree with me, you’re a monster and I hate you.


PS: Go buy her prints, posters, and t-shirts! Do it now!

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I have some awesome followers.

Thank you sir, you’re too kind. :) xxx

Love u